Practical Training in Mexico

This event will be hosted by the UNIVA, also for 14 days. The aim of this event is to ensure that the students can actually test their knowledge and apply new methods which they have come up with during the Hackathon and the Study Visit in Germany. Here is the chance for students to do field activities and a lot of laboratory testing, whichever is necessary.

For on-site visits of the project locations, students will visit places such as Agaven-Felder Tequila Manufacturing Station, Rio Grande de Santiago, Santa Rosa Stausee and the Santiago River. Here, the students will also meet with representatives of companies such as Red Sun Farms, and regional water supply organizations such as Sociedad de Amigos del Lago de Chapala, with whom they can also discuss about their ideas. The final event during this stay in Mexico will be the presentation of the project results in a KAS seminar. 

Moments from the Mexico Visit

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