The goal of the hackathon is to create useful, creative or entertaining approaches, ideas, concepts or solutions for the presented challenges within 24 hours.

The idea of the hackathon is to promote innovative and creative ideas and approaches in a relaxed but also informative environment. After an introduction round, the students will receive a presentation about “Water as a Resource and a Subject of Conflict” (Prof. Gayh, Prof. De Regil, Dr. Bedu-Addo). This is followed by the tasks and challenges for topics such as alternative water treatment methods, water as a source of energy, prevention of water conflicts, etc. 

The students then use their knowledge and creativity from any interdisciplinary fields to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. To complete these challenges, the students will also get an overview of strategies, methods, and digital tools from Prof. Zierock (SRH University Heidelberg).

Technical input such as podcasts and videos will also be made available by the lecturers all three universities, in an online web portal. The students can pick any of the challenges depending on their own interests. This will also ensure that student can participate in an intercultural and interdisciplinary group. The students can work on the following weeks until the event Study Visit in Germany, with the help of digital blogs, and can also post or document any intermediate results of their respective challenges.  

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