Timeline 2023

  • Sep 2022 – Feb 2023: Preparation of the Project

  • Mar 2022: Hackathon

    • Interested students from the three universities attend the online World Water Day (22.03.2023) organized by the HSHD and take part in hackathon competition.
      • Participants work on challenges relating to water conflicts with a two-minute video.
      • Participants submit their ideas and apply to take part in next classroom events.
  • April 2023: The last days of the participant selection process

  • May – Jul 2023:

    • Presentation of the Challenges (including options for water treatment, water as an energy source, conflict prevention, etc.)
      • Overview of strategies, methods, and digital tools for handling the challenges
      • Joint project work in virtual interdisciplinary and intercultural groups.
      • Documentation of the interim results using a digital project blog
      • Preparation of the Study Visit Germany (webinars)
  • Jul 2023: Study Visit Germany

    Day 1: Arrival
    Day 2: Welcoming by SRH University Management
    Days 3-5: Workshops and Lectures

    • “Innovation Workshop for the Development of Sustainable Project Ideas on the Conflict Resolution Potential of Water Technology Concepts” (Prof. Dr. Gayh, Prof. Dr. Sanchez. Bedu – Addo)
      • Communication Training “Communication in challenging situations” (Institute for Further Education and Personnel Development, SRH)
      • “Intercultural Management & Leadership” (Prof. Dr. Breuer)
      • “Overview of historical and current developments in conflicts in Ghana” (Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research e.V.)
      • “Current research projects on water conflicts” (Heidelberg Center for the Environment, Heidelberg University)
      • “Social risks of managing water resources conflicts” (Prof. Dr. Albrecht)
      • Fireside chat with executives of international companies in the region

    Day 6: City rally through Heidelberg

    Day 7-9: Excursions and Sightseeing

    • Langenau waterworks of the Baden-Württemberg state water supply
      • Zweckverband Bodensee water supply (Sipplinger Berg);
      • Panoramic trip on Lake Constance;
      • Hike to the sinking points of the Danube near Immendingen
      • Rhine power station Iffezheim; ENBW leadership
      • Waste treatment association in Kahlenberg (ZAK)

    Guided tour of the Wehrle-Werk AG (Emmendingen)

  • July – Sep 2023:

    • Project work in the virtual groups (online)
    • Documentation of the interim results using a digital blog
    • Preparation of the practical in Ghana (webinars)
  • Sep 2022: Practical in Ghana

    Day 1: Arrival
    Day 2: Welcome by Dr. Asiedu and Dr. Ntiamoah, presentation of the work plans for project implementation, clarification of open questions
    Day 3 – 9: On-Site Events:

    • Implementation of the project ideas
      • Practical testing of the technological solution strategies developed.
      • Discussions with representatives of companies, state water supply organizations and civil society water initiatives
      • Excursion to Sampa for water sampling from the Okyi-Amisa River.
      • Visit to Kakum National Park and sampling in local waters.
      • Visit to the waterworks of the Ghana Water Company Ltd in Barekese.
      • Visit to Lake Bosumtwi.

    Day 10: Preparation and visualization of the results for the final presentation
    Day 11: Presentations and discussion with interested students and teachers of KNUST.
    Day 12: Farewell and departure

  • Oct 2023: Final conference with the participation of the Democratia-Aqua-Technica network

  • Nov 2023 – Feb 2024: E-Book and Project Results

  • Feb 2024: The e-book can be downloaded free from the project homepage

  • Feb 2024: Evaluation of the results, Discussions about the continuation of the project and anchoring the series of events in the curriculum

  • March 2024:

    Presentantion of the digital posters with augumented reality elements on World Water Day 2024.

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