Practical Training in Ghana

This event will be hosted by the KNUST, also for 12 days. The aim of this event is to ensure that the students can actually test their knowledge and apply new methods which they have come up with during the Hackathon and the Study Visit in Germany. Here is the chance for students to do field activities and a lot of laboratory testing, whichever is necessary.

Students come together to conduct practical field research in Ghana on water bodies polluted by “galamsey”. They take the samples of the polluted Okyi-Amisa River in Sampa and analyse them. Students then visit the Kakum National Park and take samples from the pristine waters park for a better clarification of their results.  In Barakese, the students receive a guided tour through a waterworks of the “Ghana Water Company Limited”. In an exchange with experts and civil society actors, the students discuss their ideas for solutions.

A city tour of the capital Accra , a  visit to Lake Bosumtwi and an excursion to Manhyia Palas! In Kumasi also offer opportunities to get to know the country and its people.

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